Comparing array items

I am very new to blueprints so this might be a bit of a noob question, so sorry for that if it turns out that it is that way.

I am trying to create a system that whenever you have clicked two objects which with the same texture something will happen. Though you have to click the object before it changes to another texture which can be comparable. The first photo shows how a variable is going to be set to true when you clicked it.

I’m stuck at the comparison part though. I’m trying to create an array with all the objects that can be clicked in it. Then I try to say that when you click an object (meaning the variable will be true) the system deletes that object from the array and waits again for the player to click another object. Witch eventually will be compared witch you can all see in the second image below.

Now it turns out that when I click one object the whole system runs but I actually think that it waits for another object from the array to be clicked right? And it can’t be the same object because I deleted it before.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong and can you help me then?