Comparing and branching String/Text/Name variables?

Is there a way to use String variable (or text/name) in the way you use branch-node for booleans?
For example, I would like to use a node which has 1 input in the node and 6 outputs. The output would be chosen acording to the String variable.
I can do this easily with a large set of booleans but using just 1 String/text/name would make the blueprint more manageable.
I am setting functions for most parts, but the ammount of booleans is still rising expotentially and I feel the urge to stop it ^^.

Edit: Ah, I might have found the answer myself, I hope! Tell me if I am right :slight_smile: ? “Switch on name” node, and I then name the pins to the string values I want them to opened with?

Yes. Exactly right. Good job on finding the solution.

You could also use an enumerator for this and a selector