[CommunityProject] Free Open Source MMO Kit


If you want to create your own MMO Game, you come to the point either to use middleware or write your own system.
Im working on an interface written in PHP to modify persistent data storage, stored in a mysql database directly from blueprint.
So the result will be, by calling some custom events in UGameInstance you can RegisterAccounts, SendMessages, SaveInventory or you could write a server listing system by blueprint only. There are no limits!

Bootstrapped Admin Page also included where you can manage accounts, games, messages, events from your phone, tablet or pc from anywhere

I launched a Git Hub page for the project and would like to invite everybody to fork it and work with it, if these features sound interesting.

Parts of this package:

  • UE4AM (PHP SQL Interface)
  • UE4AM Administration Area
  • UE4 Blueprints needed for communication
  • Game Launcher to update game files

Here is the documentation how it works:

May all your ideas come true,
best wishes

anyone tested it yet or are there questions? Still WIP but im constributing daily on this, if you want to help, just fork it and work with it :slight_smile:

I think if you had more documentation on how to do things more people would use this.

What you have already is great and I’m going to test it out and see what else I will need for my backend.

I agree, you need to give more information on what it actually is that you provide. I.e. some screenshots of what people can expect and/or a video.
Also for most users you will need to provide a more detailed installation description.
I.e. while I personally know and work with Qt, I would guess that most developrs dont so for them your repository is 50% useless because they would need to install Qt Sdk which last I checked was a whopping ~5+ GB download. That said Qt is awesome.

On top of that I guess there is also the php server setup that not everyone knows how to do etc.

I would guess the people who would be willing and more importantly able to contribute on this can be counted on 1 hand in this forum.
So I strongly advise to improve the docs and put some visual quick references to capture user interest. :slight_smile: have a nice weekend!

hey mates, thank you so much for your resonance.
im very very busy with others stuff but i will definately follow your advice!
Best wishes to you!

Sorry for the bother could you upload the missing file /inc/ue4am.sql, thank you for your time.

varest load fail when i open project in blueprint folder.

The documentation is very sparse, but I would definately use this since once I figure out how. I was working out a way to serialize and save objects in an external database and this might just be the tool for it.

Any update to the project?

The package seems to be missing the sql file to setup the initial tables?

Hey, just wanted to ask if anything has been done with this recently?
I found this listed on the Free Community Assetsforum post.

Some things I noticed while trying the kit:

Database must be already created in mysql, script will only create the tables.

For setup you must uncomment the following lines in ue4am.php root script on a first run, then you can remove it:


Would be better to provide a single setup script which you could delete or remove later on.

I had errors because of an older mysql version not getting along with several statements in one exec sql. Not sure if it will be running the setup on a current mysql release without.

The unreal project didnt start until I replaced the varest plugin with a currently compiled one in my project. seems to be down

Have it running. Seems the php scripts were either not production quality or intentionally broke. The blueprints were also lacking. Have it working so far but I am sceptical if not spending 17 Euro for the marketplace plugin UE4Login would have saved me…
OK stupid me, UE4Login would have saved me time and effort in any calculation. I mean I have been fixing this for 4 evenings around 3-4 hours. So give the commercial plugin a try or share your experience with this one, which I have not tried so far:

I cant get to the documentation, does anyone have a copy or can the link be fixed?

ı have a problem where is the database ?

I’m very sorry for missing this topic.

Unfortunately the project is abandoned and absolutely outdated.

Check out
Parse-Server and Parse-Dashboard

It’s really easy and you can use it as your backend

Please, please, update, I can not work with php, the project is top-notch