Community Voice Chat (Razer Comms)

Hey Unreal Developers,

My name is Kevin and I would like to start off first by saying hello to all of you. You guys are putting on one heck of a show by showing off your work using Unreal Engine 4. I love what I’ve seen lately and hope to see more and more as the engine progresses. One thing I have noticed was it was quite hard to to gather members together to talk about feedback on work or even the engine itself other than posting a thread on the forums. No matter what we will always need a forum for the bigger picture of things related to UE4, but I would like to gather some if not all of you to join a new group created on Razer Comms called Unreal Developers. There are currently different channels set up for different subjects for the community to socialize and meet new people and I’m willing to add more. I’m also looking for admins to help run the group so if you are interested please also let me know.

For those not familiar with Razer Comms, it is free software provided by Razer of course that allows people to voice chat without cost over a cloud network. It was mainly built for playing games of course but for cost and restriction reasons from other products, I simply couldn’t pass up Comms. So why not? If you are having trouble getting to the server, please add so I can invite you into the group. Other then that feel free to use the search function to find the group as I’m sure there are not too many of them.

I hope to see some people join soon as I’m always looking for help with my new indie project. To give you an idea, I’m building an offline only version of Phantasy Star Online (possibly online later) and could use a few hands. I would also love to lend my hand to anyone looking for help as long as I can provide what you need. See you guys soon!