Community Tutorial: Verse Voting System

This is a short tutorial about how to build a voting system using teleporters in UEFN using Verse. It is intended as somewhat introductory content to thinking about how to program in UEFN and Verse. If you have topics you would like me to cover in the future please ask in Discord; I’m Imaginary in the Fortnite Creative Discord, and have a discord of my own. The code for this functionality is on Github at: GitHub - imaginarycomponent/StartMenuSample

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Can you please explain how to implement the ‘select winner’ phase of voting for a party of players? The devices count 1 vote per player as intended, but i have no idea how to have the manager stop the voting phase after everyone has voted based on total amount of players in the party. thank you!

Oops. I missed this. Right now, in the code you have, there is a device in the source that is called, “Test Class Switch Hookup Device.” It calls the function that gives all players the winning loadout. In production, I would set this up in a pregame stage, so that voting happened before the game and on game start the function was counted. You’re the second one to ask this question so I’ll put together an explanatory video for that part.

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Thank you for the response, I actually kept searching and eventually found that third device you talked about already. I implemented it, and it seems to work fine!

Definitely I think this would be great to include next video, and I think you should eventually do an all-in-one tutorial video for the different methods youve made for voting. Not alot of stuff out rn on making these so youve been a great help!

I’m looking for other under-represented topics. So if you want to hit me up for things you’ve looked for that are lacking in Discord or PM’s go ahead.