Community Tutorial: Unreal Engine 5 - Double Takedown

This is a demonstration of aerial double takedown system implemented in unreal engine 5. When the character is walking on beams above the enemies, there is a system that can detect the ground enemies and highlight when an air assassination/ aerial takedown available. Then, when player press attack button, the player character will jump too the target character and perform an air assassination. If there is another enemy nearby, the player character will quickly takedown the next enemy too. Also, then the character enter to a narrow beam, he will automatically reduce speed and go to a different animation blendspace which shows the cautiousness of walking on a narrow beam and as the character exit the beam section, speed and animations will return to normal.
I originally developed this system in unreal engine 4 and full tutorial is available in following link. You can follow the same tutorial in Unreal 5 As well.
Double Takedown/Secondary kill in Unreal Engine - YouTube

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