Community Tutorial: UE5 Mini-map from World Partition Tutorial for use in-game and in-editor

In this tutorial I’ll go over generating a minimap texture from your world partition levels. This has been useful for me to integrate a world accurate map with the player location and gameplay actor locations!

This can be useful in-game and it’s also very useful for in-editor just to make sure that you don’t always have to have everything loaded all the time. It’s great to have a visual representation of where you’re looking at. I’ll go over details so that you can get the capture you want, and potential issues or hurdles you may encounter (bounds, type of capture, quality).

I’m using the Lyra sample project for UE5.4 in this video but you could use any UE5 project :).

A very useful tutorial, thanx!
I’d love to find out how to create a data layer that would include all objects of a certain type, whether they’re spawned or pre-placed, and display them in the minimap during PIE.
My purpose is to get some visual feedback while simulating, so it doesn’t need to be added to the viewport in-game.
Anyway, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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