Community Tutorial: UE5 Intro - Learn to Make a Short Film in under 60 minutes!

New to Unreal Engine 5? Or maybe you’ve been all on the game side, and wanna get into making cinematic output? Well, here’s an easy and fun way to learn by making a short film - learning all you need (well, for a simple short) in less than an hour!


Awesome work there JC!!! You really do a great job making this ‘Doable’ without introducing complexities that make a beginner feel like giving up. This is a perfect stepping stone for anyone who has interest of Cinematics in Unreal.

Thanks Jack! That’s great to hear!!

Amazing course! Took away all of the intimidation of the software and left me feeling confident enough to attempt to create animated scenes of my own!

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hey thank you so much for this its much easiest way to do

That’s so great to hear, totally the results that I was hoping folks would be able to take away! When you finish your short, post a link!! Even if it’s something silly, it’ll encourage others too that it’s not that tough to just rough out ideas… thanks for the feedback!

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