Community Tutorial: Real Human to Metahuman Photogrammetry Workflow

This video provides and overview of a single-camera photogrammetry process for creating a custom Metahuman in the likeness of a real person.

Some tips for photogrammetry photography are shared including use of strobes and cross polarization to cancel specular reflection on real-world skin. Photogrammetry process is shown using Reality Capture.

All software tools used are free or low cost…
XnView: Image Viewer | Photo Viewer | Image Resize | XnView
Reality Capture:

Unreal Engine:
Metahuman Mesh To Metahuman Plugin: New release brings Mesh to MetaHuman to Unreal Engine, and much more!
Epic’s Official 6min Tutorial for the Plugin:

MetahumanCreator: MetaHuman | Realistic Person Creator - Unreal Engine