Community Tutorial: Ornatrix UE 5: First launch and performance test in Unreal Engine 5

In this video - I run Ornatrix for Unreal Engine 5 and try to create something - to test performance and usability.

In this case - 1 million hairs in HairFromGuides runs on my 3080(16GB) PC at 45-60 FPS, which is great for creating cinematics and more. Even if it was 5-10FPS - it’s acceptable for work.

I’m also testing a basic simulation. I’ve never done one before, so I just made some basic settings for the test.

In this video - I didn’t have a goal to create some awesome asset. Just testing different modifiers. In the future - of course - there will be detailed lessons with comments.

But the settings I show you can easily use in your work. It is enough to experiment with them to achieve acceptable results.