Community Tutorial: How To Write nDisplay Viewports To Disk using Media Capture

A how-to on how to write media to disk from nDisplay viewports using Media Capture.

Hi Michael, thank you for this, found it super useful. :pray: For a single screenshot, I’ve added a 1 tick delay and stopped capture (allow pending frame), right after the capture start.

Glad it was helpful.

Hey thanks for this, your the only person I can find doing this, so appreciate the post.

I just get this error when running:

LogMediaIOCore: Error: [nDisplayOutputTest] - Flushing commands didn’t give us back available frames to process.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Also any tips on rendering this to a texture target?

Thanks a lot.

To get this working in 5.1.1 I needed to specify the Desired Size on the File Media Output object. 1920x1080 worked