Community Tutorial: Hover vehicle 2022 edition from scratch

Hover vehicle with lateral stability, full movement controls, a speed boost function and the ability to flip back in case we capsize. Perfect for beginners and as foundation to build your own vehicles.


I’ve followed pretty closely with this tutorial, but my vehicle still refuses to hover properly despite altering the stiffness and dampening drastically over testing. The vehicle will sort of wobble for a couple seconds, and then spiral. I believe I’m using the right Chaos plugin. The only thing that’s seemed to help stabilize the hover components has been changing the Angular Dampening of my vehicle BP to 1.

Sorry if there’s something obvious I’m missing, I’m somewhat new to Unreal

If you are using Unreal 5.0.3 you should start by disabling sleep globally as it is buggy and causes several issues with the physics. Use p.chaos.solver.SleepEnabled 0 at the console.

Beside that, you also need to check the collision volume of your vehicle. It has to be equally and uniformly distributed to avoid imbalances. Chances are that if you use the original asset provided with the tutorial it will hover just fine, but with yours there may be a front/back or left/right mass imbalance which causes issues. You can display the location of the Center Of Mass through the advanced display properties of the viewport of useful.

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