Community Tutorial: Connect MIDI Device to Unreal Engine

I´ve struggled to find a good tutorial on how to connect my Launchkey37 to Unreal Engine. After finding a suitable way, I thought that I´d share my knowledge. This Video shows how to connect your MIDI device to Unreal and get some data out of it.
I got a followup on this video on how to actually play sounds with it.

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Thanks for the super helpful tutorial. It’s one of the best I’ve watched. I do have a question. I was able to get the simple on/off button press to drive things, but what should I do if I want to have a knob control a variable?

Knobs are mapped with an ID/channel as well, the current position of the Knob is saved on the velocity variable.
I tend to add a Map Range from int node to cap at what I need it to be.