Community Tutorial: Common UI tutorial - create cross-platform UI easily with this new UE5 system

CommonUI - new UI system used in Lyra and Fortnite. It natively supports navigation with Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard, and now it’s available to everyone in Unreal Engine 5.

In this tutorial we will setup Common UI in our project and then create two examples of cross-platform UI.
First example - navigation between several widgets with gamepad and activation/deactivation of widgets.
Second example - using widget stack with layer routing to create hierarchical menus.


Thank you for sharing. I have two questions:

  1. It seems that movement input is disabled by default whenever a common UI is activated. Is there any way to change this logic?
  2. How can I use the built-in UI gameplay tag system to toggle visibility of any other custom UI? For instance, if I have a visible minimap on screen, I want to hide it whenever a pause menu is activated. I know that can be done with gameplay event tags, but I have no clue how to properly do it.



  1. Yes, you can uncheck “Supports Activation Focus” in designer window (open widget->select root element in “hierarchy” panel-> look in “details” panel for “Supports Activation Focus” → uncheck it).
  2. I never used gameplay tags myself, so can’t help you here, sorry. I would probably toggle minimap manually - I would store created widget reference in variable and then access that variable whenever I activate pause menu.
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Thanks for your reply. I’ll give it a try next week.