Community Tutorial: Charging a trusty ride

Rev up those engines, folks! We’re charging into the future with our electric steed, powered by none other than verse code! This baby’s got a max charge of 100% and a min charge of 5%, ensuring that it never runs out of juice (unless you forget to charge it, in which case, we can’t help you there).

But fear not, for our trusty charger packs a punch at 20% per hour, ready to zap some life back into our ride. And if we need to give it a little extra shock therapy, we can always revive it with a jolt of 5.8%.

So buckle up, amigos, and let’s ride this electric pony all the way to the future. And remember, always keep your verse code handy for when you need that extra boost of power!

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this is just a snippet, not a tutorial. this is an awesome concept but belongs in the snippet section because you have put no details on how to implement this into a game