Community Tutorial: C++ Tutorial For Beginners - Let's Build a Turret with C++

In this tutorial, I am going to implement a Turret system in unreal engine 5 using C++. This would be targeted towards people who are already familiar with unreal engine but want to learn how to use C++ for game programming work. I will be using unreal engine 5 and visual studio 2019. The turret will have a laser beam and it will be sweeping through a defined range continuously and we will be able to customize the sweeping range per instance of the turret. And through the laser beam, turret will be able to identify enemies and shoot them. Characters will take damage and die if the health is fully depe. All the programming parts will be handled through C++ and hope to give a good introductory understanding on how to do gameplay programming in C++.
Total duration: 3.5 Hours
Number of videos: 7

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