Community Tutorial: Arranging Widgets in a Circle

Learn how to automatically arrange widgets in a circle! This tutorial assumes some familiarity with create UMG Widgets and Blueprints in the Unreal Engine.

While it’d be nice to have a C++ component like a HorizontalBox or a VerticalBox that efficiently lays out all its sub-children in a circle, maybe you’re just starting out and the prospect of spinning up your own C++ widget seems daunting. Maybe you just want to be able to quickly lay out a bunch of widgets in a circle and you’re okay with blueprints and maybe a little duplication of effort. If that’s the case, then this tutorial should be helpful to you!

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I notice that if I try to use this widget and scale it up or down, the radius doesn’t respond. Any suggestions on how to get that to respond to scale?