Community Tutorial: an overview of lighting animation

This video is an overview of lighting and animation in UNREAL ENGINE 5. Lighting has always been a complex subject in the 3D art industry. Even in the real world lighting has its own special challenges, let alone rendering. But thanks to powerful game engine: UNREAL ENGINE 5, lighting is no longer difficult. Advanced Lumen technology performs all calculations related to lighting in a fraction of a second, and users are able to see the results of changes in real time.
And let’s get to the topic of this video: Lighting Animation in Unreal Engine. In this video, we will review the lighting of a mysterious and dark scene. The lights used in this scene are explained in brief details. Also, in a part of this video, the details of the camera used in this animation, framing and how to add the camera to the sequencer are discussed. and finally, in the last part of this video, we will discuss how to animate the lights used in the scene.