Community Top Featured Poll - October 2016

Hello everyone!

With the close of another month, it is time for October’s New Releases Top Featured Poll!

If you need to see the items on the list or are intrigued by ones you haven’t seen before, check out the Releases Update thread to find links to each pack. This poll will remain open from 11/1/2016 until 11/4/2016.

To vote, go to the link below:

When you vote, make sure to only choose one option for each of first, second, and third place. Currently, you are unable to deselect choices, but you can refresh the page if you accidentally choose multiples. The page will turn red if you do so as an indicator that this has occurred.

Each selection is given a point value so it is important to note:

1st place - 3 points
2nd place - 2 points
3rd place - 1 point

At the end we will tally up which selection has received the most votes and that will be given the month’s featured slot.

Now, there are a few general things we’d like you to keep in mind for this:

  1. Follow the Rules and Code of Conduct for the forums when posting on the forums.
  2. Respect fellow community members, content creators, and Epic staff.
  3. Do not disparage work, especially as a means to garner votes for another product. Having a negative view is perfectly acceptable, however do so in a civil and respectful manner.
  4. Communicating and promoting packs or assets is perfectly acceptable and also highly encouraged. Please do so without putting down or bashing other content in the process.
  5. Do not spam to promote an asset or pack.
  6. Promoting your own assets is fine, but do so respectfully and tastefully. Posting negative comments about a competitor’s products, flaming, or otherwise harassing another content creator goes against the marketplace guidelines.
  7. Please limit yourself to 1 vote including a first, second, and third place option.

At any time, if you violate our rules, we reserve the right to take action, up to and including permanent bans depending upon the infraction in question.