[COMMUNITY] The Age Of Legends


Project Title: The Age of Legends – Working title.

Description: A open-world action roleplaying game set in the Wheel of Time Universe. This project is my attempt at getting better at Unreal and having some fun. I do realize that an open-world rpg is incredibly hard, and also that their might IP issues (I’ve reached out for permission), but hey I’m going to try. Feel free to help out! Includes:

  • Open World
  • Dynamic Narrative
  • Morality/Influence on story.
  • Deep personality system which effects the way you interact with the world.

Team Structure**:**

Project Manager/Everything Currently: Me - Lane Rendell (or Charles).
Lead Programmer: Lane Rendell

Talent Required:


3D Modelers
Enviromental Artist
Material Artist
UI Designer
Effects Artist
Animations Artist

Basically any and all art positions Programmers: Both C++ and Blueprint coders are welcome. The goal is to prototype in BP and convert it to C++ later.

About Me: I’ve been programming for about ten years or so. My main language is C, but I’m comfortable in C++.

Contact: E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Discord: Lane Rendell#3317

Still interested in doing this. :slight_smile:

Link for discord:

Bump :slight_smile: Have an audio engineer still looking for more folks.

Hi, Im modeling in blender , and Im interest in your game. I can help you with modeling (mostly: object,building,etc.) If you want to contact me