Community Spotlight!

Each week, we highlight a few standout projects, tools, or games made by the community on our Twitch livestreams. Here is a living list of past Community Spotlights. Check em out!

Giants of Destruction]( - Blue man
Subject-A-119]( - MrGoatsy
Chicku]( - Gatling Goat Studios
Arcus]( - Steven Walther Media
George](George -synopsis version- on Vimeo) - Neun Farben
The Last Stop](The Last Stop - Unreal Engine 4 on Vimeo) - Kimmo Kaunela
SMAA – Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing integration - Leszek Godlewski
Unreal Study: Dormancy](Unreal Study: Dormancy on Vimeo) - Alexander Dracott
Portfolio Application - MediaRübe
Ledge Climbing System]( - Crocopede
GAIN]( - Worldgame Entertainment
Tuebor]( - Sin Studios
Embers of War - Dark Rift Entertainment
Handmade RPG Landscape]( - gou
Introduction to SteamVR]( - Mitch
’Smear Frame’ Material Effect](GitHub - LuggLD/SmearFrame: Unreal Engine 4 smear frame material effect) - Jan Kaluza
Mind The Traps (Removed, link no longer works) - Dissonent
Nerual Network]( - SaxonRah
The Lighting Needs To Be Rebuilt Stream](Valkrysa - YouTube) - Valkrysa
Tyto Ecology]( - Immersed Games
Painted Flowers]( - ThunderCloudStudio
Ratchet and Clank tutorial]( - Zarkopafilis
Sounds Visualization Plugin]( - eXi
Warrior’s Pilgrimage]( - xvampire
Procedural Mesh Runtime Component]( - Koderz
Flutterbombs]( - Paradoc
Le Melange](élange) - Kev3D
UE4 Network Compendium]( - eXi
Kitatus Courses]( - KitatusStudios
Houdini Procedural Set Dressing Plugin]( - Ensar Akkaya
Floating Rocks Tutorial - broad-strokes
Git Build With Plugins]( - Teak421
2D Sidescroller](Unreal Engine 4 - 2D Side Scroller - YouTube) - Wazza
Unreal Nexus - Ryanjon
EMERALD]( - Boris
Enigma Prison]( - Gustavo Rios
Weekly Audio Tutorials - Bartosz Kamiński
River House - Thomas Walker
InstaLOD - its_manny
Aya Blaze Dev Blog](Loading...) - BZXO
RTS Tutorial Video Series]( - 3 Prong Gaming
Tron, Seattle Hackathon Winner]( - FMJ Games
Panda’s Freebies - Panda Studios
Shades of Black - Roland_Price
RASL Tool]( - Hevedy
ODIN Plugin]( - Benjamin Smith
UE4 Tutorials]( - Orfeas
The Eden Project - ioFlow Studios
Unreal Hat - Michelle Morger
Machinery Modelling Toolkit - BoredEngineer
"One Particle A Day/356 days"]( - Luos
**Watermill **]( Ben de Hullu
Wasabi Horizon]( - Good War Games
Space Shooter Tutorial]( - Strigifo
Witanlore]( - Druid Gameworks
Vulkan in UE4]( - John Alcatraz
The Siege and The Sandfox - Cardboardsword
MVP FPS tutorial series](MVP Series - FPS - YouTube) - MatthewW
Etkiina: The Cursed Nine]( - Owl
Dialog Editor Plugin]( - DamirH
Infinite Voxel World - John Alcatraz
Pokemon: Ash’s Room]( Jarlan Perez
Striving for Photorealism]( - EoinOBroin
One Hit Wonder Jam Entry Published - cd
Azuma House]( - Klepadło
The Easy Way Of Translating Your Game]( - IUltimateLP
Sky City VR on IndieDB]( - Ben Mears
GitHub Desktop to manage your project]( - XenoEgger
Interactivity: The Interactive Experience]( - MrBehemoth
YetiCon Tournament]( - YetiTech Studios
Communications Station]( - danpaz3d
Speech Recognition Plugin]( - ShaneC
OSVR Plugin]( - BananaKing932
Loading Screen Tutorial]( - TheJamsh
Experimental Teleport for VR]( - Opamp77
C++ Camera Controller Turret]( - IntVoid
Procedural Trees]( - RyanGadz
The Caretaker]( - Franbo
Interior/Exterior Home Visualization]( - Thomaswalker
Flex Soft Body Rig]( - DivideByZero


Nebula]( - brunogruber
Ghosts 'N Goblins]( - Thierry De Haerne-Voinson
The Dead Linger]( - Sandswept
Galaxy Heist]( - SpaceBearDev
Into the Stars]( - Fugitive Games
**Voidrunner **](!))- WandererEternal
HaddockBust]( - The_Distiller
Modular Ladders - JoeWintergreen
Landscape WIP]( - evilmrfrank
1v1 Scene]( - Timothy Dries
Bullworth Academy]( - Wesley Arthur
Unreal Paris - Benoit Dereau
Overdosed - A Trip to Hell]( - Lazy Games
Outdoor Scenes]( - Koola
June]( - Taylor Loper
Whitewash]( - Bruno Xavier
Shape of the World]( - lackthereof0
S.U.I.T - The Students at Futuregames
BLUI](!) - AaronShea
Tiny Life]( - evolution_nut
Free Foliage Starter Kit]( - fighter5347
BoxCrusher]( - iniside
Deep Echo]( - Picster
Real Life vs. UE4]( - TUXEMAX
Polycount Throne Room Challenge UE4 Finalists]( -
Guncat]( - intoxicat3
Submerge]( - IceBirdStudios
STICS]( - Hanway Lin, Derek Ho, Kang Nguyen
Everett Gunther: Secrets of Environmental Design in UE4]( - eedobaba
Adventure on Clover Island]( - Futuregames
The Watchmaker]( - markogonzalez84
Quanta]( - Geckoreo
Dungeon Architect Plugin]( - Ali Akbar
Arduino Plugin]( - grizly32
Blade Runner: Tyrell Corporation - HyperlightDrifter
Battery Jam](
Torture Cube](!-)-Any-pointers) - AttemptD
Courage]( - Ed_
Medievil Remake]( - Guillermo Moreno
Quasar - OSNAP! Games
On Creating Nature]( - Simon Barle
Miss Daisy]( - Students at Montreal’s NAD
Embedded]( - University of Hertfordshire
L’atelier]( - William Oosterom
360 Panoramic Export]( - Allar
WARTILE]( - Michael Rud Jakobsen
Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 3 Tropical Islands]( - cronos3k
Koola’s (updated) Stuff]( - koola
Incursion]( - Sir Artorias
Loft in London]( -
Voidrunner (Update)]( - Wanderer_eternal
Brazilian Old Kitchen]( - rafareis123
Unreal Bathroom with Shield Port]( - sterne
Gesture Recognizer Plugin]( - jeff_lamarche
Lua Blueprint Extension]( - Noxygen
VICODynamics: a particle based physics library]( - VICOGamesStudio
Ongoing Tutorial Series Integrating Marketplace Assets]( - Darkholder
Them & Us]( - TendoGames
deORBIT](!-UDK-3-5-gt-UE-4-gt-UE-4-8) - Midnight640
The Cave Painting]( - eyesiah
Albino Lullaby]( - Ape Law
Live 3D Models in HUD]( - Jeff Lamarche
Valhalla Hills]( - Funatics
Learning resources]( - eXi
Talewind]( - Sonicphi
Seat of Wisdom]( - Jaik
Footprint Tutorial]( - NanoVoxel
Nikola]( - Virgil Tuser
ATV Simulator](!&p=381449&viewfull=1#post381449) - John Michael
PolyWorld]( - Quantum Theory
Sphere Complex]( - TheFoyer
RealtimeVR: Biotic](–-Interactive-laboratory) - LeFx
Mythos of the World Axis]( - Ats Kurvet
Turtle VR]( - Gnometech
Kitchen 1930]( - Michał Kubas
in Extremis]( - RainbowMarbles
Diesel Guns]( - Gelani
Ancestory](!) - Pikkukatit
FbxBuilder Plugin](!) - grizly32
Grappling and Climbing BP]( - VoidGoat
Augmented Reality Plugin]( - AdamHorvath
Toon Shader]( - Arnage
OSVR in Unreal Engine]( - Soverance
Astorus]( - Varomix
Blueprint Fundamentals]( - Penguin2D
BeatSpot]( - Sagar Rao
Fragmental]( - RuffianGames
VR Short Movies]( - Illusion Ray
Steam, Using Online Subsystem](,_Using_Online_Subsystem) - Math Nerd Productions
NexusVR]( - Getna
Way To The Woods]( - Dirtypaws


Super Minion - The_Distiller
Dogecrash - SF
Into the void]( - Drexciya
**Solus **]( Hourences
Rudo Resurrection]( - Jared Hall-Dugas
Super Pac Man Mini]( - AlejoS
Skies: Last of Us - kedamazigoku
Yorozuya Gin-Chan]( - Scizz
**“Sprut” Visualization of Game Model](http://“Sprut” Visualization of Game Model) **- TAXI
Kinect 4 Windows v2.0 Plugin]( - lion032
Ledge Grab and climbing system]( - Alex3d
Office Scene - Quick thoughts on PBR]( - AndrewJonsson
**Skara - The Blade Remains - **8bit Studios
Architecture, Audio, and Blueprint Demo]( - WarSt0rm
Interior Space Visualization Using UE4]( - mabone
Senza Peso: A VR Cinematic Epic through the After Life]( - Kite and Lightning
Crystal Myth: a Ludum Dare Jam game]( - Arnage
[PLUGIN] JSON Query]( - Stefander
[Plugin] Ocean surface simulation plugin (VaOcean)]( - ufna
[UE4] Ballroom]( - Christian Hecht
Adventure Kit]( - FTC
[Tutorial] Quick Time-of-Day Setup]( - gregdumb
Xenomata UGV [possibly eternal WIP]]( - Xenome
Rolling Ball Game]( - DrLuke
RinCity Train Station Unreal 4 upgrade]( - RinDreamX
For my Brother]( - Crooked Tree Studios
RadiantUI - HTML5/CSS3/Javascript Web Plugin For UE4]( - zoid
VR Game Template]( - mitchemmc
Mountain House]( - marfuse
Map Generatior 2.0](!) - Zeustiak
Breaking Bad Cabin]( - ed_3D
’64-'65 Worlds Fair: The Tower of the Four Winds]( - TKfore21
Reverse side game]( - xangs
Ultima Underworld VR Remake]( - Mrob76u
Streaming a BulletHell Prototype]( - JvtheWanderer
Feline 49]( - Photon Games
Dan’s Interactive Music Exploration]( - Dannthr
**Denny’s Research and Development - **Denny
Korath: The Witcher Saga Inspired Environment]( - Tepcio
Gamejam game]( - UTworks
Frozen Cell]( - kuroro999
3d vs dot]( - 田中宏幸
**Tappy Chicken 2 - **kedamazigoku
The Mustang Project]( - Magical Pixy
Quadcopter Flight Trainer]( - effectsanimator
Houdini Plugin](!!!) - lloadead
Substance Plugin]( - josh-allegorithmic
TeslaDev Tutorials]( - TeslaDev
[BOOK] Master the art of Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints]( - KitatusStudios
Bacon Man]( - Skymap Games
**Solarix **]( Pulsetense Games
Probuilder for Unreal Engine Marketplace]( - yahodahan
**Ninja Arcade - **Obhib
Marvel character VFX]( - VomitInject
**Submerged - **UppercutAJ
Doom2Remake on Unreal Engine 4 !](!-By-Me-)) - Sahkan
Shallow Ocean Shader]( - Mikepote
Stowaway]( - Nemecys
**Rain Forest Scene - **ICO_hr
**Storm United - **bigzer
Caffeine - A Caffeine Infused Sci-Fi Horror Game]( - DylserX
Stonerage]( - reok
The Hum - Anubis
DRONE - Isaac Nichols
Architecture / Realtime - rafareis123
Parametric Ocean - Berna
The Prestige - Thiago Carneiro
Katamari Jam Project - Shanthosa
Identity Crisis - neryun
UE4 Proposal - Arixsus
Environment Rain Scene - Jak Carver
CelShooter - Antidamage
End of Transmission - xrouter
**UE4 ArchViz **- koola
**Spartan Saga **- Roccinio
**Hanako **- MpactMatt
Modern Kitchen - rafareis123
Environment Scene - theonebutcher
**Switch **- Tom Looman
**Hex Racer **- Kashaar, Luos_83, SilentX, Sythen
Mass Effect Inspired Scene - Guillermo Moreno
**ArchViz Scene **- dbalex
Silly Soccer - Pampers
**Deadhold **- Richard Cowgill
The Tale of Three - gameDNA studio
Berlin Flat - Lasse Rode
Space Dust Racing - Space Dust Studios
RealTime Architectural Visualization - VirtualSurrealism
**Procedural Ship Builder - **JoeWintergreen
**Venice **- rafareis123
48hr Gamejam Game - nesjett
Abatron) - Devero
Bovine Simulator]( - syncoff
Alice in Tokyo Wonderland]( - President
Ocean Storm WIP]( - KhenaB
Colossus: Elements of Conflict]( - CreatureNZ
Refunktion]( - dgrieshofer
Rolling Torque]( - Gaara
God Left Me]( - Montreal’s National Animation and Design Centre
**Project ApocalyZ **- The Game Wall
Blood Vessel Demo]( - 3dlight
Coastal WIP]( - Ulrich.Thümmler
Asian Pagoda]( - Sebastian Schulz
Fun with Assets - evilmrfrank
**Planet Alpha 31 - **Adrian Lazar
Lost Forest]( JZChunghtai
Sci-Fi Deck- Chris Stone
Space Arena - Dneproman
Bears Can’t Drift - Ludophobia
New Retro Arcade - Kyle Kennedy
**Syntesis Universe **- oliverJT
The Blue Marble]( - Alacrity Falmouth
Titanic Honor and Glory](
Warp - Tosti Games
Red Awakening - Domino Effect
Winter Scene WIP]( - Foxhead
**Dream Master **- Students at Montreal’s National Animation and Design Center
**P.T. Recreation **- DJoExe
Student Projects - Futuregames’ Class of '14

Reminder, we pull these items from the WIP and Released Projects forums, and videos certainly help us showcase your awesome work.

We’re continuously inspired by the awesome work you all are putting out there. Never stop creating!


Nice! Guess I need to push myself more to get my game on this list :slight_smile:

I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I"m quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next! Thank you for share.good bye.

Awesome List…It’ll be cool later this year/next year when these games go from WIP to Completed…
Looking forward to Playing them…

I see you have Ufna’s Ocean simulator plugin (VaOcean), but no love for my Fluid Surface actor plugin :frowning:

I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I am a regular visitor here and I really appreciate your contribution, keep updating us with the new stuff…

How to get on spotlight list ?

Hi We have a game to showcase, how to highlight it ?

Post screenshots with a description of your game in either the “Work in Progress” or “Released Projects” threads (whichever is applicable.) Games that are highlighted are exceptional in some way such as originality, art, fun factor, etc. Look forward to seeing your project!

Just wanted to say I love you guys!! :o Gona get a cup of coffee and go through all the AWESOME projects! Thank you Chance!!

ShardLine is closing its doors, and so Identity Crisis won’t be realized anymore. I want to thank Chance for promoting our game on their stream in the early days.

See you soon and thanks for the support :).

hi there,
would it be possible to correct the spelling of my name? “RealTime Architectural Visualization - VirtialSurrealism” is actually VirtualSurrealism

Heya, this is really cool!

Would there be a way for me to find out which community spotlight my thread appeared? I seemed to have missed it.

  • Dan

EDIT: I found it, just had to watch through them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve updated the list as well :slight_smile:

Glad you found yourself, some of spend our entire lives searching … ::stares into the distance::

Fixed! Sorry bout that :slight_smile:

Uhm, Chance, I may be a little late here but I was very busy in developing Voidrunner and today (two min ago:P) I found out that I was on the spotlight on January. Can I get a forum batch? :slight_smile:

edit: yay!

Hi there ,

Just for info , i have a ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Planet Alpha 31 - Adrian Lazar

http://https// :o


Good catch! All set here :slight_smile:

It seems as if you have awarded a few tutorial creators the spotlight award, I was wondering whether or not you guys did this for tutorials, could you update the thread if that is the case?

Are there any records we can watch/download of those streams?

Here ya go: LINK

I’ll put that in the main post too.