Community Requests for 3d Character's

Hello Every One!

My name is Nikolay Tsys and I am 3d-character artist.

I want have an idiea of making a little character shop on UE Market place, and I started develpment of a simple stylized character for MOBA like or Isometric

I want to make it as diverse as possible but within a style, so I thinking about customization, and before further development I want to check community and
potential users for suggestions and wishes.

For now I have rigged simple body, with a basic animation’s, and if you found yourself interested in such a character I would pleased to hear your feedback, and
and thankful for suggestion’s on Skins and Animation states.

So if you think a specific animation state will be important for the game-design\prototyping purposes, I will gladly include it in my pack.
And By skins I mean really anything, for example:

“It would be cool to have a space suite”

“I would think about buying it, with a Heavy Knight Armor”

“Is there any chance to have a zombie or demonic theme on this fella”

or maybe something like:

" I would never Buy anything from you! YOU ARE NOT BELONG HERE!"

Really any comment will do for me =D
I just want to make sure there is a place for my stuff here, and please fill free to express yourself.

And for illustration I have a couple WIP srinshot’s of my fella:


1.png 2.png