[Community Project] Project Tracks (Racing Simulation Game)

Hello everyone !

I am currently making a simulation racing game which i wanna call Project Tracks.
It will be a simulation of racing with lot of cars (a bit like Forza , Project Cars or Real Racing)
I want to release my game on several plateforms including PC , PS4 , Xbox One and maybe later Xbox 360 and IOS/android if i can optimize the game for it.

To build our game we will be needing lots of asset but i am a student and i don’t have too much time and money to do that on my own.
Then i think it will be better making a community project .

If you have made good assets which can be used in a race game (such as Materials, 3D fence models , 3D cars models , Landscape and so on) please share it here with me.

We will be also needing some funds to bought some assets ( Such as Race Pack of Polypixel City kit to include some race like Chicago and other )
If you want to send money to help for the project please send it by Paypal at

Here is some Screen of the current work:

Lamborghini Aventador interior:


Lamborghini Huracan exterior:


PS: Sorry if bad English i came from France

The project sounds like a good one if you can get it running, but be aware that you need licenses from manufacturers if you intend to use real world cars in your games.

Hi for the license i have sent a mail to Lamborghini for one i hope i will get one :smiley:

Be interested to know if Lamborghini respond. Meantime any plan-b / backup plans?

Can experienced game devs comment on the advice offered here…?

(Use the likeness of a lambo but drop the logo and name to indemnify yourself)

GTA / Saints Row etc do this. But they have legions of lawyers if things go south!

I don’t have any Plan-B at the moment . I think if i can’t get licenses Logo and car name will be changed

Another screen made today :



I am also making racing game. 5-6 cars and 5 tracks. Using cars like lambo, mercedes etc. But I don’t use their logo and name, so I can use it. Name lamborghini like some other name. I think that licences will cost lot of money