[Community Project] Project Tracks (Racing Simulation Game)

Hello everyone !

I am currently making a simulation racing game which i wanna call Project Tracks.
It will be a simulation of racing with lot of cars (a bit like Forza , Project Cars or Real Racing)
I want to release my game on several plateforms including PC , PS4 , Xbox One and maybe later Xbox 360 and IOS/android if i can optimize the game for it.

To build our game we will be needing lots of asset but i am a student and i don’t have too much time and money to do that on my own.
Then i think it will be better making a community project .

If you have made good assets which can be used in a race game (such as Materials, 3D fence models , 3D cars models , Landscape and so on) please share it here with me.

We will be also needing some funds to bought some assets ( Such as Race Pack of Polypixel City kit to include some race like Chicago and other )
If you want to send money to help for the project please send it by Paypal at

Here is some Screen of the current work:

Lamborghini Aventador interior:

Lamborghini Huracan exterior:

PS: Sorry if bad English i came from France