[Community Project] LibConfig Plugin

For my own project I am planning to integrate the LibConfig library into the engine.

Libconfig would allow serialization of actor derived data in a very clean and easy to mod way such as this

books = ( "inventory",
          { title  = "Treasure Island";
            author = "Robert Louis Stevenson";
            price  = 29.99;
            qty    = 5; },
          { title  = "Snow Crash";
            author = "Neal Stephenson";
            price  = 9.99;
            qty    = 8; }, 
          { } );

which I believe is easier to read than XML, Json or INI files, and less convoluted than the SaveGame Object

I don’t feel confident enough with the plugin system in Unreal to create myself a fully featured plugin, but if there’s enough interest from the community I think it would be interesting to create one by collaborating on this project…