Community Project - 'Bionicle: Masks of Power' needs artists to join Team Kanohi!

We are Team Kanohi, a volunteer Game Development group working on a fan game for the LEGO franchise, Bionicle! Our project, ‘Bionicle: Masks of Power’ has been in development for several years now, but as of recently we’ve adopted industry standard development practices, have upped the quality of our project significantly, and now we need talented artists to help fill out the world!

Right now we are continuing to refine and finalize the gameplay in a demo titled ‘Trials of the great Spirit’, a short vertical slice of gameplay and level design.


After this demo is completed in the next few weeks we’ll be following up with an additional vertical slice for outdoor environments. Between this follow up demo and the open world adventure it will become, we need to fill a few roles!

We need:

Art Director
Requirements: BA or higher in Digital Art or related design field, or comparable experience, as well as leadership or people skills.
Duties: Be available for team meetings and at least 10 hours of production a week. Help establish and follow an art direction, and guide other team members on asset creation. You will likely be responsible for the majority of asset creation.

3D Artist
Requirements: Proficiency with 3D software such as Maya or Blender. Good understanding of correct topology, UV mapping, and baking normals from high-poly to low-poly.
Duties: Follow art direction and produce 3D assets for the world, ranging from natural features to architecture and character props.

Quixel Megascans/Technical Artist
Requirements: Experience with Quixel suite of products, preferably with a good portfolio showing work
Duties: Will be largely responsible for taking assets from 3D Artists and creating or applying an appropriate Material to it using Quixel Bridge, according to a given Art Direction

Assistant Lead Animator
Requirements: BA in Animation or comparable experience, proficiency with Blender and/or Maya, as well as knowledge of UE4’s animation system and pipeline. Portfolio showing best works is needed. Must be able to commit 10 or more hours a week to help us stay on track and fulfill the large list of animations needed.
Duties: You will be responsible for animating the primary characters in the game, following a list of needed animations and getting feedback on them, while working with Lead Programmer on implementation and fixes. Most of the characters are rigged, but you may be asked to rig additional characters.

Audio Engineer
Requirements: Experience with UE4’s audio engine or FMOD, Perforce experience recommended.
Duties: Audio Engineer will work on sound mixing and utilizing FMOD to play audio at appropriate times and with correct mixing.

Audio Producer
Requirements: Experience with audio production, creating SFX and soundscapes for games or digital media
Duties: Produce Sound Effects for gameplay, you’ll help give the world and the player’s action texture and feedback, and work closely with the programmers to get the right feel and sound.

Environment Artist
Requirements: Experience in level design, with examples of setdressing and lighting pass on levels or environments. Experience with UE4 needed as well as a strong portfolio. Experience with Perforce recommended.
Duties: Work under supervision of Level Design Director to take environments from first art pass to final art pass/setdressing/lighting pass. Will also use custom editor tools and modes.

Concept Artist
Requirements: Strong background in illustration and concept art. Good portfolio recommended.
Duties: Under the direction of the Level Design Director you will help concept out areas of the game, props, and puzzles.

As a disclaimer, all of the roles at Team Kanohi are unpaid and on a volunteer basis. That being said, many of our devs, myself included, have been able to take our skills and experience with this project and gain job opportunities in real life.

If you want to join our team and fill any of these roles, please reply here in this thread, or fill out this Google Form!…3avXA/viewform

Thank you, and may the Great Spirit Guide you.

Audio Producer and Engineer has been filled!

We are also looking for:

Blueprint Programmer
Requirements: 2+ Years of experience in Blueprint scripting for Gameplay and systems. Familiarity with UE4’s Gameplay Ability System (GAS) is a bonus
Duties: Work with Programming Lead and Assistant Programming Lead to flesh out character abilities, triage and fix bugs, and implement frameworks as needed. 10 hours or more a week preferred.

Just filled Concept Artist! Still looking to fill other positions :smiley: