[Community Project] 2D Character Engine

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]2D Character Engine

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am in the process of converting my 2D Character Engine project into a community project. I will tidy up the content and put it on GiHub shortly. As of now, this is only an announcement, so stay tuned!

Video Directiory

2D Character Engine: 2D Character Engine - Create your own customized 2D Character - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums

I really like what you are doing.

When can we expect this to be on github?

I’m going to try to set it up within a few days, maybe a week at the most. i’m going to make a “getting started” video for this.

Or when I figure out how GitHub works… Or if I even can put a Blueprint project there.

Here is a dummies guide to using github -

Part 1: Creating a Repository -

  1. Login to your Github Account
  2. Click the Create new Repo button on the main page @ https://github.com/
  3. Type in the Repo name and then Choose Public if not already done.
  4. Choose Initialize with Read me (This will allow you to make a readme file)
  5. Choose a License from the Drop down (I personally recommend the MIT license)
  6. Click Create Repository

Part 2: Installing Github for windows.

  1. Log in to your github account
  2. Download Github for Windows
  3. Follow the On screen Instructions to completion.

Part 3: Downloading your repo

  1. Create a New folder and name it what you want. This will be the location for our Local Repo on your hard drive.
  2. In Github for windows Click the Plus Icon in the top left
  3. Select the Clone Option
  4. Select your repository
  5. Then hit the checkmark at the bottom.
  6. A Dialog will pop up and ask you were you want to clone the repository to.
  7. Select the location of your folder that we made in step one.
  8. This will download the readme file and any other files from Github to your computer.
  9. Wait for it to finish.

Part 4 - Uploading the Files

  1. You should have a readme.md and a License file
  2. Copy the 2D Character Engine into the local repo folder on your hard drive.
  3. Type in a title of the commit and the description of the commit. Hit Commit to master
  4. Then Hit Sync.
  5. Github for Windows will sync your local repo with the one on github.

That should get you started :slight_smile:

That sure did the trick! I downloaded from github and it worked on my side. Still a lot to do, but it’s out there now.

Thanks for the help HeadClot!

Awesome - Glad to hear it helped :slight_smile:

Having a hard time updating the project to 4.8. Getting issues with overlap events.

Wait til 4.8.1 Hotfix. Lots of bugs in 4.8