Community Manager for Squad, a popular indie FPS

IMPORTANT: High level of personal integrity and accountability, this position may be done remotely.

**Project Title: **



Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay.


  • Wide scale multiplayer (Currently servers holding 80 players, with a release target of 100)
  • Base-building & construction system
  • Vehicle warfare and Emplaced weapons
  • Large scale multiplayer maps with a base of 4km x 4km
  • High quality custom VoIP implementation supporting positional voice as well as Squad / Command radio channels

View the game on Steam here:

**Team Name: **

Offworld Industries Ltd.

**Team Structure: **

We have a fairly standard team structure with an Executive Producer who manages the project, and department leads for all major areas; including Programming, Mapping, 3D Art, Environment Art, Animations, Sounds, and VFX.

**Previous Work: **

Our team traces it’s roots back to developing the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality (, Project Reality - Wikipedia)

We publish regular dev blogs for anyone curious to take a look inside our development process:

Art team gathering source material from a tank museum -
January 2017 devblog:
November 2016 devblog:
September 2016 devblog:

**Job Position: **

Community Manager

About the Job:

As a Community Manager, you are on the forefront of player interaction, community building, and game knowledge. Your passion for games will help you work to grow communities and build rapport with the players on a daily basis with a strong sense of ownership of the game you are representing.

As a beacon of the community, you will be a key creative contributor to the team and the business as a whole. In doing so, a Community Manager will collaborate with multiple disciplines to achieve a high level of engagement with the players to ensure a healthy community and a long lasting game. This will often require you to be able to understand players desires and concerns, gauge the significance of the feedback, and have a strong sense of the development team’s capabilities.

Skills Requirements:

  • One or more years of experience in community management or public relations (preferably in the video game industry).
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms.
  • Experience building and moderating online communities.
  • Ability to recognize the changing needs of the community to provide content, feedback, and support with respect to the continuing nature of the player base and the game as a whole.
  • Love of video games. (Preferably a strong leaning towards FPS’s)

**Job Duties: **

  • Responsible for daily interaction with the players and community thru various social media platforms, such as Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc.
  • Creating specialized content for their players, responsible for engaging players on YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit, and other social media channels around that content.
  • Analyze your activities and understand how your activities fair and how they affect the business. Also, responsible for reporting results of said activities.
  • Execute community-facing initiatives including contests, volunteer programs, fansite programs, offline events, convention presence, email campaigns, facilitating partner programs, and social media initiatives.

Additional Job Info

About the company:

Offworld Industries is a video game studio owned and run by a team of active developers. We were established in 2014 and have a permanent office in Burnaby, BC. Our company culture is built around making sure everyone shares in the success of the company. We offer periodic long vacations and project based bonuses as well as a completely open work schedule based on hitting our goals. We also have more than 50% of our team working remotely in 10 different countries.


Bonuses ranging from 1 to 3 months of salary will occasionally be provided at 6 month intervals, at the discretion of management.
Two paid company breaks occur twice a year during the winter and summer, as well as a paid annual week long company trip.


40 hours per week. Salaried full time, for a permanent position in our office located in Burnaby, BC or remotely.

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