Community Led Training - Amplifying Your Game's Audio with FMOD - August 8 - Efraim of Tornado Twins

Everyone knows that “audio is 50% of the experience”… but it’s never 50% of the budget. In this talk Efraim will show us how to audibly bring a map to life with just a few sounds and effects. You’ll walk away with a renewed passion for sound, ideas for new possibilities and a working knowledge of FMOD in Unreal.

Please feel free to post questions here prior to the stream and folks from Epic will still join the live chat to help field your questions during the stream.

Tuesday, August 8th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Efraim - Tornado Twins - @TornadoTwins]( /


Would be nice to know what FMOD folks think about $2k license fee for indies who used free license within 12 month, but the released game only made less than $500 profit (especially true for mobile and mobile VR spaces). I am guessing a lot of former FMOD users will switch to native UE4 audio since FMOD’s license fee increase.

From the site:

Free for a game per year sounds like a pretty huge limitation. Not to mention that you’re required to show a logo. I would personally prefer if the streams were about things that don’t have any potential licensing issues. Either things that are already in UE4 or plugins that are completely free.

Edit: Especially considering the new audio engine under development in UE4, I would much rather have a stream on that. From what I know you can already do most things you can do in FMOD in UE4 already.

You don’t HAVE to release it with FMOD, or maybe don’t release multiple game within a year’s time with the indie license. 2k is allot less than the 5k needed for a single 500k budget game, just sayin. You can’t have your cake and eat it to, the developers of the tools you use need some of that cake.

If you’re releasing multiple games within a years time, then you are either making terrible games or you have a large enough budget to pay either 2k or 5k for a licence. It’s simple really.
Also showing a logo is by far the least of your worries. In-fact it might lure more people to your game than if you didn’t use FMOD. It’s a sad reality but people will buy games based on the technology used within. It happens everyday.

Seems like a pretty great reason to do a live stream and notify us about it, since it is completely free and all. Showing a logo and registering for FMOD is not payment by any stretch of the imagination.

In any case i’m super excited that both the stream and the FMOD indie are happening. It’s clearly a great opportunity to use an amazing middle-ware for free.

Devs won’t get anything anyway. First license is free, second is too expensive. So a dev using FMOD indie won’t generate any income for them in the first year. Either way they aren’t making any money on small indies.

The old license was $500 per platform. So I could have made 10 low profit games per year with FMOD and FMOD devs would make some money with that. $500 > $2000 in this case. And keeps everyone happy.