Community Game Project

Hey there,
some months ago i have started making tutorial videos about scripting with blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. Since then i have completed 2 series and started with another one about an rpg ability system. My community has grown quite a lot and i always planned to create something together with those people (some of them are really talented).

The Project:
Basically everyone from absolute beginner to professional can join and work on that project and get in contact with other awesome people that all share the passion for game development. Also you are completely free to choose what the final game is going to look like. That means that we will have a group of game designers which will decide on the genre, gameplay mechanics and setting as well as characters and story. After gathering some ideas we will have a voting on which ideas should be combined in order to achieve the best result possible. Then the artists, programmers and sound engineers will try to put that ideas into a real game which we will hopefully be able to release to steam or to the marketplace.
Currently there already more than 20 people that participate in the project but we will include everyone that wants to take part in this hopefully awesome experience.
Here is my announcement video about the project:

How can I join?
If you are interested in joining the team please visit my discord sever (UGDCommunity) and send me a private message telling me about what you are good at/ what you would like to do for the project.

I was just talking to some students yesterday about cool projects like this out there. It’s a great way to learn while also getting items for your portfolio. Really cool that you started this @GameDev005!

Thank you @Ironbelly, i hope this will be a great experience for everyone :slight_smile:

Great idea @GameDev005!

I joined the community and will keep an eye on the project!

Awesome man, great to have you on the team :wink:

Let your voice be heard and decide on the genre that our community game project should center around!


Video explaining the genres

I want to thank you for the awesome opportunity you’ve provided. I’ve already met some great and talented people and look forward to working with everyone.

That is great to hear Metric! I am also super excited for the actual developping phase :wink:

Hi, found this thread because i wondered if anyone has ever tried something like this.
How did the project go? Did you release something? Would love to hear what happened!