[COMMUNITY FEATURE REQUEST] - System/Feature For Community To Track/Up-Vote Bugs

Hey Everyone,

One thing I’d really love to see is for some way for the community to see and track bugs/feature requests within the engine. It would be ideal to be able to also vote on them and for you to be able to sort and filter lets say against “Most Viewed/Voted This Week/Month/etc”, “InProgress”, “Pending”, [EngineVersion], [SubmissionTime/Age of Submission], possibly even by dept such as Audio, Rendering, etc.

Another thing directly within the engine I think would be huge for the engine would be to Auto-Generate AnswerHub tickets and Auto-Subscribe the user to them. If the engine had your Epic Account credentials logged in and when a crash/exception gets triggered within the engine, during the window that asks the user if they want to add comments, etc, for there to be a checkbox or button that says “Send To AnswerHub” and auto creates an post on AnswerHub and even sends a log to the developers at Epic with the crash data that includes a link to the given AnswerHub post. You could then be subscribed to the thread and if let’s say an issue is resolved by Epic being able to reproduce the issue and log it in JIRA, for that to be linked also to you and the post to be notified by email for instance… “[UE-12345] In Response To: [Your AnswerHub Thread Title] Has Been Logged”.

To take this a step further, you could get updates also that say, "[UE-12345] Was Just Assigned To An Epic Developer/Is Now Pending/Resolved and the final icing on the cake would be if it was resolved and there is a GitHub commit prior to the next release that contains the code, that it could notify you saying it was resolved and here is where you can get the code on GitHub if you want it now.

Another idea is not only letting the community vote on these but vote the level of priority it is to them. You’d have a bar graph that says… Low, Medium, High, Epic :wink: which refers to the scale of how severe the issue is for a developer and/or team and the community ticks off any one of those options. The community and also Epic staff can really get a much more detailed view on how the current issues affect others. This also adds another level of filtering when looking through this interface.

Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts on making this process better and take it easy! :smiley:

EDIT: One other idea that would also be huge is adding an area to the Exception Window within the editor as you are typing your comment, is predictively trying to suggest AnswerHub posts that could be related with the links included/clickable based on the comments being typed in as they are typed in, thx

EDIT 2: Another thought, and maybe this is only visible from the user to Epic and not the community but for a member/team to say when their project is going to ship, that Epic could pull up a list seeing when projects coming up are going to launch and that they are currently affected by issues over a given severity level that have yet to be resolved

Hi MC Stryker,

We are still working towards a system of publicly sharing the live status of bug reports. In fact I just stepped out of a meeting all about that very topic. No ETA or definite commitment yet, but good progress is being made.

I’m also evaluating the future of how we receive bug reports from our community. Ultimately I would like to remove these from the Answerhub, and then I’d see about ways to potentially tie that directly into the editor.


Hey Stephen!

Wow… haha that’s awesome you just came out of a meeting discussing this. Great to hear! Well until then I’ll stay tuned but glad you guys are thinking one step ahead :wink:

Hope the team is doing well!

Curious if this is still not a thing? Realize this is four years old, but would be massively helpful for Epic/Community to see what is desired most.

That’s for bugs only right? Not feature requests?

Epic now hides ‘feature requests’ from Indies.
Pretty shtty, but that’s what they decided to do… :frowning:

Atm it’s ​the Feedback for Unreal Engine team subforum that caters for ****[FEATURE REQUEST]](Search Result - Unreal Engine Forums)****s. As seen in the thread’s title.

It’s full of unfulfilled wishes. I like how you’re asking for a feature that allows us to request features. Look what we’ve been reduced to…

Would Trellowork for this or? It sure is more systematic than an open forum but that could split the community even further.