Community Discord for Adults

Okay so Im not a huge fan of making new threads but I was wondering there are any discord servers around that are targeted at a mature audience only. Im looking for an Unreal Engine community where you can discuss adult topics (including adult games and content) without being censored (or banned), as my current game project is targeted at an R audience it would be nice to be able to share details about my project and get involved with other like minded people.

Daniel Batten

Found this over at Game Dev League, they have a special channel for discussing adult content with an appropriate barrier to entry for minors. They discuss Unreal Engine as well if anyone else is looking for a place to discuss games with R rated content. My fear is that child friendly content will become more prevalent moving forward to try to capitalize on the larger market but theres plenty of evidence to suggest there is space for adult content, even Hollywood underestimated the appeal quite dramatically until more recent times.

i can’t find this channel, how do i join it?

p.s.: i’m very new to discord.

Its all good I should have posted a link before, the discord invite can be found by following the main menu near the top right :cool: