Community CTF example project

Hello I am expanding on my team select project ( ) for a community based example CTF project for others to look at and hopefully learn some stuff.

If anyone has any other thoughts of things I should look to include let me know.

Laundry list:


  • Capture the flag mode
  • Flag spawn/capture point actor (done)
  • Flag drop and reset logic (done)
  • Points system for caps (done)
  • Weapon changing 4 weapons (using line trace, projectile, and grenade timer with radial damage/physics)
  • Join, waiting to start, match start and match end logic, restart level.
  • Death and respawn (done)
  • Team spawn points (done)
  • Health and ammo pickups (health done)


  • Team select (done)
  • Score Board Caps (done)
  • Players list / Score Board
  • Player info HUD
  • Overworld map with team player locations.
  • Death and respawn timer splash screen
  • End match leader board


  • 3rd person to first person swap
  • Replicated aim offset
  • Blending character rotation animation
  • Rag doll death simulation
  • Simple jump animation blend
  • Material and effects color changes based on team, all replicated. (done)


  • Steam peer to peer server browser
  • Direct input IP connection.
  • All game actions and effect built for replication to be multiplayer ready.


  • Example weapon impact fx (done)
  • Example flag carry fx (done)
  • Example capture fx (done)

Everything has been created in editor using minimal starter content in order to have less actors and classes to review to see how things work together.

Note effects created with simple materials to showcase team color change logic.

Development on this, anyone know why i’m surfing these grenades? I did turn off can step up on but collision is to block all…


When will the ctf version be available?

In a delay due to packing and moving should be mostly done in 2 weeks I’m hoping.

ok im waiting…

Still unpacking and this weekend is unfortunately booked soon enough mate

i am waiting… :smiley:

I apologize I’ve stepped away from this project instead currentky trying to put togeather something j need for my game. A php/MySQL based system for dedicated server to report to as a form of master server system.

I’ll compile where I left off and post this sonewhere. It really only adds the flag capture to the team select and grenade logic.