Community Creation for Pune UE Users


I am Amey Gumaste. I am from Pune, India. I have been an Unreal user for about a year now and use it professionally for ArchiViz projects. I am creating this thread as I would like to know a few things and I am hoping that this is the right place to ask.

Reason for this post:

a. I want to create a community for Unreal Engine 4 Professionals, Students and Enthusiasts in our city and nearby region to create awareness and to bring together UE4 users who I know are scattered and are trying to learn and grow on their own.
b. This is something I think is a dire need right now, as the community is growing really fast and people like me are desperately trying to find right direction and guidance to problems they face while using the UE4.
c. To my knowledge, there is no formal training for game design and development in nearby universities or crash course for that matter and people like me tend to learn from anything they find online and work our way through.
d. I have come across people who think that this would be a good idea and a right time to start a local community.
e. I want to know whether there is any formal way or procedure through which this could happen with support of Unreal staff, so that if ‘Pune UE4 User Community’ does happen it happens through official channels and it would have a solid foundation. People might not take it seriously otherwise. Would/Can the UE staff support this formally or informally?
f. Lastly, I would like to ask, how to move forward? If the community does take off, how to take it forward? How to keep it alive and growing?
g. Also, we recently had a Unity Roadshow taking place in Pune. Are any similar conferences held in Pune for UE users and enthusiast?

Please let me know and thank you for making this awesome technology available to everyone!
In case something like this already exist, I apologize for my ignorance and would request you to point me in the right direction.

Amey Gumaste

Hi Amey,
Even i was looking to make a community for UE4 developers around here and work along with them.
Are you still up for it, because it seems it been a while since you posted this?

You can drop me a mail at if you are still interested!

Hey Akshat,

Thanks for showing interest. I will drop you a mail soon…People who I know are definitely up for it.

Lets take it forward!


Amey Gumaste

you dont need EPIC’s approval, frankly I would put a lot more interest in the quality of your work as an educator than who sponsors you , because in the end its education I really care about.

Well waiting for it! :smiley:

Hey kilon,

I have been using unreal engine 4 professionally for about 1.5 years now. I do not consider myself an expert, not by a long shot. I definitely do not intend to teach, as I myself am still at the cusp of exploring the engine and have yet to realize its full potential. My intentions of creating this post was very simple, its easier to learn and grow in a particular area in case there are people around having similar interests. I want to find out and meet other people who have used UE4 and I want to learn from them. I also hope to equally share what I have learnt and experienced so far. I work in VR development for architectural experiences. I keep meeting people who have experience using UE4, also I know people who are trying to make it work for their projects on their own. I am one of those people.

Unreal Answer HUB and forums are great place to get help, but sometimes it happens that what answers you are trying to find are easier if you could explain them directly to someone and get their help. They may be simple or complex. I encourage using the services provided by UE4 as they help the community evolve. I hope to contribute to the community myself someday. For this to happen, online learning is a longer route to take. I would prefer to meet people, share my experiences with them and learn and grow at a faster rate through this, is my sincere intention.

By creating this post here I wanted to first know whether there already existed something similar, here in Pune. If not, then what can be done to make it happen. I guess best way to go about it, is to start networking, and having this post here makes it possible for whoever searches for something similar to find what they want!

I am sharing my email. Lets get in touch!


Amey Gumaste

I would like to be a part of this local community. I am trying to learn UE by watching video tutorials on YT and Udemy. I hope to be able to create something or be a part of someone else’s UE4 project.