Community based project....or not (sentry guns).

Moving our project over from old school idtech3 over to new tech UE4 we have begun the process of updating to much higher quality assets and as an ongoing side project we are updating our sentry gun and since it’s just another gun we though it would make for a fun project if others would like to get involved and make the asset free to anyone who wishes to use it.

We could do it all in house from modeling, materials as well as hard coding but we figure why not see if we could co-op the work load.

Here is what we have so far.

Our plan is to make two or three 1) ceiling mount 2) floor mount 3) wall mount

The goal:

To make a complete package with AI, a few different materials, along with a skeletal mesh with a set of functional animations and submit it to the market place as a free download, which we plan on doing one way or the other.

Step one though is to see if anyone is interested in the idea as to making blueprints and materials as I’ll provided the model asset.

Hi FrankieV,

I would love to make that Sentry Gun shoot for and the community!

Contact me over pm :smiley:

Thanks Peter PM sent