Community API for the Unreal Engine Website

Hey Epic,

Would it be possible to get an API for the Unreal Engine website?

Here is why I ask - In Unreal Slackers we have a bot called unrealbot that points us to the docs and such.
I personally would love to see Unreal bot to access the unreal engine documentation on a per page basis and then reference them in slack as a link.

Would this be possible?


Dude this would be epic! Gotta concur with this request. Any chance of a docs API happening?

We love this idea and have talked about it a lot, but the websites are based on a lot of different software with different interfaces so it’s not an easy task, and the online team is already heavily committed to a variety of tasks related to games, commerce, and Marketplace seller pipeline. So, I don’t think this will be coming soon.

For pages with a uniform format, you might be able to scrape it using e.g. Java or Firefox+Greasemonkey.

Thanks for update and I like to see this coming but sure it’s take time.

I’d love to see a third party OAuth endpoint for marketplace/launcher related things, which could then also be used by things like Slack and whatnot. Scraping using Javascript is definitely easily doable though for many things already.