Communications Station

Happy 2016 everyone!

Here’s a 3d environment challenge project I completed in 7 days. Rendered real time in Unreal Engine 4. The ground material was created with Substance Designer, the rocks were first sculpted in ZBrush then baked and textured in Substance Painter.

The original concept is by Nick Gindraux called “Communications Station” ArtStation - Communications Station

Nice work, it looks phenomenal. Any chance you are going to whip up a fly by sequence to show off more of the scene?

Very nice. Great work. =)

Thanks guys! I put together a recording of a quick run around in the scene. As mentioned, this was more for a one shot ‘replicate the concept’ kind of project, so there’s still a lot to be done to be game worthy (textures/LOD’s etc…).

It look absolutely phenomenal !!!

A flyby video with a space music would be awesome :o

A very nice scene, I love the style. Are you planning on working on some more environments?

Nice work, well done

Puts butterflies in my stomach. Nice job.

This looks really nice. I urge you to blueprint up a nice jetpack feature and go for an aerial survey of your new creation! Imagine blasting off and perching atop the highest spire in your setup…

Wow. More please!

Thanks all! I’ll be sure to make some more in the future.

Yep that looks cool :wink:

I love space-based scenes. This is some really top-notch work. Be sure to keep it up! =)

Good stuff. :slight_smile:

The design choice is clever and different, I would have loved a darker scene with more lights on the building, regardless, great job man. Keep us posted with updates.

wow. ver nicely done.

i am amazed at simple things like the shape of the landscape.
no way i would be able to reproduce it inside unreal like that.

Amazing work. Really cool to get a feel of the scale when you walk around. The moon surface also has an incredible authentic feel to it.

Looks very nice! The ground textures look good from a distance but do seem a bit blurry when you have the camera close to them though.

fantastic! was everything done within those 7 days? or did you have some content already

Thanks again!

@ZoltanJr Yeah, I was more focused on getting it looking f\good for that one shot, it’s not really game-ready, but with some texture and LOD tweaks it could be.

@Steve_T Thanks! Yeah, it was all done from scratch in 7 days, I think the only thing was that I used the default UE rock for blocking out the rocks in shots 2 to 5. Then made my own for the final.