Communications between widgets !!??

Hello developers :slight_smile:
I was following Rayan Laley tutorial in creating inventory system and all was good to the end.
after finishing the inventory i was trying to make changes to my inventory by adding buttons for USE, Drop but I didn’t figure how to select an item and when i pressed the Use button how to make it work because Rayan steps was to create two widget (one for Slots that contains all the items information and the second one was the inventory grid) and when ever I pressed the use button i get error message saying none was trying to use the Use action from slots inventory.
any idea how to solve that ?

None means that the object variable you are using does not contain a reference, it is blank “None”. At some point in your blueprints you need to set that variable to contain the correct reference. Sometimes a failed cast can lead to a variable not getting set. Put a print node on your cast “failed” output to check. I would take a look at the tutorial in question but you did not include the link. Try to think about where the reference in question would have been set and it should lead you to the problem.

oh sorry i forgot to include the link :stuck_out_tongue: