Communication from widget and levelblueprint

Sorry for my bad English.
He’s trying to communicate in a widget button with levelblueprint.
In short, the indietro button should return the player to the home screen with the camera fixed to the position set by levelblueprint, but I can not find a solution.
I tried it with an open level but it is not what I want.
Thanks for your help

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, your screenshots aren’t really helpful either.
Are you trying to make the player return to the Main Menu when he pressed a button?

Have you followed any tutorials for this?

Hello Insanity, when the game starts is created selection menu with a fixed camera. After choosing what to play, camera rotates to the chosen game.

It appears the pause button,

inside I have other buttons, pressing the pulasante indietro I would return to the game selection screen.

What does “should return the player to the home screen” mean if not Open Level?