Communication between unreal and non-unreal projects

Hello folks,

Is there a way to connect unreal and non-unreal projects? For example consider a scenario wherein I have small c++ application which does some processing and spits out data in real-time. Now, I want an unreal “visualization” project to get this data and update the objects.

Ofcourse, I can embed my c++ application as a plugin to the unreal. But just wondering if there is other possibility.

I haven’t done much IPC (Inter Process Communication) in realtime applications, but I have some experience doing this in normal applications. There are a number of methods for IPC and some of them are:

named pipes
shared socket
shared file

I have also used Redis as a state store. The producer and the consumer processes connects to the same Redis db and agrees upon a key name. The producer keeps updating this key with new data and the consumer keeps reading from it.

Never used it; just found it.