Communication between Smartphone/Tablet and PC

I’m new to the UE and i want to use a smartphone/tablet as an extension for a program that’s running on the pc. Now I have to let them communicate with each other. I read like hundrets of posts but still have no idea how I shall implement it. I found the session nodes but there is no possibility to connect to a specific ip outside your local network, is it? I also thought about using Bluetooth (with a Bluetooth usb stick) but neither did I found advices how to manage the setup of this. I’d like to use blueprints because I never worked with c++ yet (but I guess with a little help I could also use it, I got experience in java and c cuz of my studies). I hope you guys can help me, sry for my bad English skills. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This sounds like a job for C++ - I would suggest looking into UE4s HTTP or UDP capabilities, which I think should do nicely.

Sorry, i didn’t notice that i got an answer, that’s why i reply so late. If i try to add C++ code to a project UE is not able to package it for iOS (at least if i did not missunderstood something).

I tried to work with session nodes now and i also tried to connect directly via IP. This is no problem when done on the PC, but I am not able to get into a PC’s session with the IPad. Somebody got an idea how I could solve this problem?

any luck with this implementation ? or more suggestion from community/dev ?

Im also looking for a way to connect to UE4 game running on PC, from IOS or Android app.

one idea that crossed my mind, is to create UE4 game specifically for ios or android device, that will use Networking feature to connect to PC hosted session. Then hopefully with blueprints I can manage to change some variables of PC game via tablet.

make sense ?