Communication between class blueprint and animation eventGraph


I try to use a class blueprint to move the bones of a paw, the first part is done, but I dont now how send variables from Class blueprint to animation.

The exampleProjectWelcome have a similar example in aimoffsetBP, but I am incapable of reproduce this node -Cast to AimoffsetBP -???:confused:.

are they tutorials about Communication between class blueprins?

…sorry for my englis.

Hi erWilly,

I 'm not entirely sure of what you’re wanting to accomplish, but I have been able to reference variables from a class blueprint in an animation graph by using a blueprint interface:

Just to throw this out there, there is direct blueprint communication as well, but as far as I know, it’s limited to blueprints that exist in your level, since they need to be referenced:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Obsidiaguy second link is perfect, “Casting to Blueprint Types”.

with unreal 4 I break the rule of read first and work after.:rolleyes: