Communication between blueprints issue

I try to make a static mesh which is simple cube to move whereever the camera is from default third person shooter project with starting content - so this is blueprint ThirdPersonCharacter and camera object is called FollowCamera and I get errors for trying this. I also try to make the object move with the character mesh but I cant even find it when I try to search.

Step by step what I do is Inside my new blueprint I make variable and from the drop down menu I write thirdpersoncharacter and select this, then I get the variable and pulling a cable out of it I write followcamera and from there on you can see on the picture - get location rotation and then set it to the cube object.

Also what should I do if I want that cube to be in front of the camera with a little bit, how to set the blueprint properly?

Creating a variable is not enough, you need to assign it value. If you create a string variable and do not put in any text, what do you have - an empty string. That’s what you have atm. You’re accessing none as all we know is that we’ll be referring to a character. But which instance? There may be many. We need to tell the editor which one is needed.

In *this *very case, assuming the Game Mode was set up correctly (it was if you’re using the 3rd person template):