Communication between AIController class and BTTask_BlueprintBase class

See comments in my UE Project (see “Read me before you open the project.txt”):

My DxDiag: Dropbox - DxDiag.txt - Simplify your life

I don’t have crashes.

Explanation of my bug:
see questions in comments of pictures - this is my questions for you

Hi ,

Unfortunately that site is not on our list of approved sites. As such the company firewalls will not allow us to access it. Could you please try posting this to an approved FTP server, such as dropbox, and sharing the link here? Further could you send us your dxdiag and any crash logs if applicable? Thank you!

I update question.

Hi Antonio,

Unfortunately I am still having trouble understanding what is happening. What is the bug you are running into? If you could let me know I would be able to keep an eye out for what may be going on. Thank you!

I update question.

Hi ,

We are happy to report that this is not a bug. There are a few things that need to be altered within your blueprints to provide the functionality you are looking for. To get more information on the Behavior Tree and AI Blueprint functionality, please have a look at a few of these links, they should be able to assist you further:

I’m glad to hear that this is not a bug!
Thank you so much, ! :slight_smile:

I understood! This is work! The correct Blueprint: