communicating projectile bp to rifle bp

Hey guys, Ive got a problem that I cannot for the life of me figure out. What I am attempting to do is set a cool down timer on a gun to start once the projectile explodes. Essentially, I need the projectile to fire an event on the gun when the projectile explodes. I have tried both event dispatchers and interfaces, neither of which worked. I feel like dispatchers would work best but I think my issue is that the projectile is not in existence when I bind my rifle to the projectile’s call. I then tried having it bind every tick but that still didnt work. I’m beginning to suspect that my object ref (generic actor ref variable) is not working on my “cast to target” node. Let me know if any of you have ideas.

  • in the projectile:


  • in the gun:


THANK YOU!!! I’m still new and trying to understand BP communication. Thank you so much