Communicating between widgets and multiple blueprints.

Hello, I’ve been trying to set up this (what i believe) very simple communication between my widget and a blueprint to simply move a plane up and down. I’ve been able to successfully do this by following tutorials using event dispatcher. Which sends a float from the widget to the blueprint to change. The tutorials I followed showed how to successfully set it up by creating a widget then assigning it to the viewport. However I want to do this on VR and currently the VR widget is being created in my VRpwn blueprint. How can I connect that widget created in a different blueprint to bind with the selection_changed event? or is their an easier way of going about this?

I feel this may be a easy fix but because I’m sort of new to blueprints I’ve Been stuck on this for a while, any help is appreciated.

You just need a reference to your other BP. So the pawn has to reference the widget to create the same basic setup with event dispatchers. These tutorials may help you with understanding references and dispatchers and how to use them.

[USER=“1188480”]Nebula Games Inc[/USER] I looked into it a bit longer however still haven’t been able to get the result. Learned a little more so maybe I might be able to be a little more eloquent with my question.

I moved the nodes from BP_Translucent Water into my MotionControllerPawn and i’m now just referencing the BP_translucent using a BP variable instance object.
The problem is still when trying to set up the binding. The binding requires a “The widget object reference” I understand that if i set up a “create widget” it’ll let me reference it appropriately but be completely different from the 3d widget i have created…(because I want to create a 3d widget i have set up the widget in a separate blueprint and have been spawning and unspawning it when needed) so i’ve been trying to reference the_widget a different way… by “casting to The Widget” but no luck (or maybe i did it wrong). if i simply set up a “The_widget” variable I believe it would ask for an instance of the_widget which I can’t create.

Simply put is there a way to reference a 3d widget and bind it and if so how would that set up look (there was some tries where it made sense to me but it ended up not working i feel i’m overlooking or missing something)???
Again any help is appreciated!
-Thank you

Like this?

That is a tutorial I made describing how to reference a 3D widget object. You would first reference the parent actor, then using the “get user widget object” cast that to your widget class and from there you have access to all your widget variables. So if your widget you want to bind is part of a parent actor and it is attached as a 3D component like a floating health bar this is how to access that widget.