Communicating between multiple different blueprints?

Currently i am trying to have a “controller” blueprint send out multiple “channels” of variables to blueprints that can be chosen in the editor (with the eyedropper tool)
I already created a non-communicating working prototype of what it should look like, though getting the values out to other blueprints seems to be challenging.
(instead of updating light entities in the main blueprint, it should send the new variables over to any lights “tuned in” to receive the info relevant to them)

The main controller unit contains multiple animation tracks that control both booleans, floats and linear color to power Lamp blueprints.

These info streams need to control specific lighting in my scene, though i want to be able to assign different blueprint lamps to different channels.
So in one situation lamp A might use animation track 1, and another it might use animation track 5, or lamp B uses track 1.
Similar to how you can connect up different speakers to different audio outputs in a surround sound home theater setup.

It is important that the ability to mix and match varying blueprints with their assigned animation tracks without having to rework the blueprint.
The selection of the main control unit should be selectable from the lamp blueprint, like tuning into a radiostation.
The lights themselves are also different blueprints, like “biglamp” or “table lamp” or “spotlight lamp”

Does anyone have a good idea on how to go about connecting these blueprints together?

Hey buddy,

I’m not sure if you’ve seen any of these, but maybe one of them will point you in the right direction?

From Epic’s own tutorial series: