Communicating between classes

Hy all!

Somebody can help to me?
I cant get variables value and cant call functions from one bp to another bp :frowning:
Somebody can link a video or tutorial?
I want to communicat between gamemode-blueprint-widgets get-set-call func etc.
Please help me :confused:

Besides direct references to one another, you could try an Event Dispatcher.

Hmm, thanks all, while moderators checked my post, i Use now the game instance with casting for varoanles and functions and i read the gamemode is only serverside(?).
But thanks for the answers and i check the dispatcher.

Easiest way I find is by getting a reference to the other actor at beginplay and promiting it to a variable. Then you can later use that reference to adress said actor and change whatever values it has of it.

Blueprint Interface is by far the quickest easiest way.

Aaaaand, somebody can help in the hud?
I want to make a login-char selection-ingame interface… widget, on otherleves like login level character selection level and game level.
What i need to use?
Make a Game hud and how can i handle the different widgets?