Communicating between blueprints

I have two blueprints that I am having a hard time getting to communicate with each other.

Laser Emitter Blueprint:
Setup to emit a laser particle that bounces off certain surfaces, collides with others, or just keeps going until it reaches a certain endpoint (that all works fine). I am trying to now set it up to know when it hits a sensor. Once the sensor is hit then I would like for a light to come on.

Sensor Blueprint:
I just have a simple prototype right now. A cube with a point light hovering above it. The cube is what the laser will hit and then the point light will turn on.

Currently I have the following setup:

  1. No script in the Sensor BP
  2. In the Laser BP, I have a function called “Toggle Sensor” (picture attached)
  3. That function is then called in the “Hit” function of Laser BP (picture attached)
    *the only way the Toggle Sensor function is called is if the particle successfully hits the sensor actor. (I used a break hit result from a line trace for this)

When I run a simulation, the functions successfully fire, but the light visibility does not change. Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong?