Communicate with Post process Volume

How would you communicate with the Post Process Volume at runtime from a Blueprint?
I need to dynamically change exposure, gamma, color balance etc.

hi @eco_bach2
in your blueprint use get actor of class , and set the type to postprocessvolumeā€¦
this node will give you the reference to the first post process volume he found.

Than pin out the blue pin and search for the ā€œset settingā€ node.
Clicking on it , the detail on the right ,will be turned in the setting of the postprocessvolume
you can set anything you want.

If you have many postprocess volumes,
you can use Get all Actors of class, this will give you an array of all the postprocessvolumesā€¦
than you can set them all or just one,
and you must find a way to understand which is which.
Maybe by name or by tag

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I can see when I select the SetSettings node all of my PPV properties are in the details panel.

But how do you actually expose individual properties in your blueprint?
Say I want to dynamically change the color temperature, or gamma?

When you have a ā€œSet Settingā€ node you see the setting have a input value.
Take that pin and promote that to a variableā€¦
This will create a variable of type ā€œpost proccess volume settingsā€
you can expose this variable like any other and set it to edditable instance

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